Gantri Rebrand


Gantri is a digital design manufacturer. I joined in 2021 to lead product and marketing design.

The Project

Gantri's brand when joining didnt fully reflect their values such as around creativity and sustainability. I led a complete rebrand across the company.

The Problem

By Introducing a effortless way to save relevant content into Evernote for better searching and use later on, we can increase visibility to Evernote’s capabilities and increase NAU

My Role & The Team

Director of design working along side 2 product designers, a team of brand designers and creatives, and 2 dedicated frontend engineers from 2021-2022

Company background

Gantri's mission is to empower designers to bring designs to life with the use of on demand 3D printing techniques, Gantri is able to manufacture numerous unique products faster and more efficiently. This allowing Gantri to reduce waste, reduce Co2 emission, storage space, man power and ultimately cost.

Examples of the brand system before joining


One of the first steps in the journey to rediscover the Gantri brand was doing a full audit of the brand in play. From our photography to packaging all the way down to the design system components themselves.

After auditing we did a few exercises to understand what is our voice and tone for the brand. During this time we took away an idea of the "rebel." Which represents our approach to creating products not like anything else in the design space. Also how we "rebel" against traditional manufacturing and pursuing a way to make manufacturing more sustainable and supportive for creators.

Setting goals

1. Establish a brand identity that better represents the companies mission towards sustainability
2. Establish a brand identity that is as versatile as the products Gantri sells
3. Establish a brand identity that represents the company culture and sense of rebellion.

Introducing the Rebel brand

After our series of explorations ranging for typography to our photography, we landed on a unified vision that felt more cohesive and representing of what Gantri is and will be.

Other work