Ikigai brand refresh


Ikigai is a enterprise AI company focused on time series data.

The Project

In 2023 I helped refresh Ikigai's brand identity to better represent their core offerings and patform.

The Problem

Ikigai's original brand was not telling the true story of what the company offers and stands for. As a result sales and recruiting efforts were stalling due to the confusion.

My Role & The Team

Lead designer, working with one product design from 2023 to 2024


Ikigai is a enterprise AI company that specializes in bring Generative AI technologies to companies that work heavily with tabular data. In 2023 I had the absolute privilege to work with them to help bring the brand to life and stand up intuitive software offerings for them. At this time, the company was shifting from a builder platform to a multi sided company with not just a builder platform but now a user friendly app infrastructure as well as robust API service that companies can leverage in their own tools.

When I came on the brand wasn’t really touched since the company started 5 years prior. It had been updated internally by different folks  and it showed. The logo had many different variations floating around and the brand materials were all over the place as well.

The first thing I did was start drafting what the design strategy would be. At this time no brand strategy was yet in place but needed some grounding in order for the brand to be cohesive. One of the biggest pieces we first aligned on was leveraging the art of origami as a foundation for our brand materials. This playing homage to the origin of the company name, highlighting origami and more specifically the “fold” within origami felt fitting given the platform’s nature of molding to various data needs.

Overall we developed a complete brand refresh with a new identity, brand materials, style guide and website.



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