Interact identity


Interact is a digital agency focused on experience design and branding.

The Project

In 2020 I started Interact with another designer. As we kicked off discussions of what we want to focus on and create, we started exploring what our identity would be.

The Problem

By Introducing a effortless way to save relevant content into Evernote for better searching and use later on, we can increase visibility to Evernote’s capabilities and increase NAU

My Role & The Team

Lead designer working with a design partner in 2020

Company background

Interact is a digital agency focused on interaction design and branding. The agency was started at the beginning of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic as a way to express ideas in different forms.

Interact logo

When we came up with the name interact, we were wanting a brand to represent our different forms of expression through various mediums. We wanted the brand to be bold, playful and constructive.

The logo mark represents the I and A in interact. We wanted to focus on these as they represent the different sub words within the name, "Inter" and "Act."

Other work