Mod9 Branding


Mod9 was a digital software company building ASR voice recognition software. Both for internal projects and external customer use.

The Project

In 2020 I worked with Mod9 to help them with a brand refresh at the time. This included a logo redesign, brand style guide, and website refresh.

The Problem

By Introducing a effortless way to save relevant content into Evernote for better searching and use later on, we can increase visibility to Evernote’s capabilities and increase NAU

My Role & The Team

Lead designer during 2020

Company background

Mod9 was a software company that specialized in speech and language technologies, and operated the Remeeting service using the ASR Engine.

In 2020 the company had a public product and service but needed a face lift as they entered the next phase of growth for the company. They reached out looking for a polished brand identity across their digital presence.

Other work