Cape is a drone tech company that started out as a video service for those skiing or snowboarding down the mountain and eventually became the "fly remotely" platform governments and businesses rely on.

Project Overview

In late 2016, Cape was looking to refresh their web presence and introduce a new way that anyone in the world can easily fly a drone from the comfort of their home.


My role on this project was to conceptualize and design the web experience along side with 2 engineers.

Introducing the world to Cape

Taking the onsite experience online

Refining the reservation experience

Another key part of the cape experience beyond just showcasing where to find them is how to reserve time before stepping onto the mountain.

As a result, I then worked with Cape to define a lightweight way that customers can find a time, fill out necessary paperwork, and at the end see what was captured.

Pivoting to a broader audience

After the pilot with ski resorts was successful, Cape began to think a little bigger and see how they can introduce this experience to a larger audience. This lead them to the idea of instead of having to be at a ski resort to get a cinematic experience, what if anyone can virtually connect and fly a drone in real time from anywhere in the globe.

Other work