Edmodo parents app


Edmodo was the larget K-12 online community. Providing a place for teachers to connect with students, parents and the community.

The Project

In 2014 through 2015 I worked on developing the initial parents product. a Place for parents and teachers to connect and engage.

The Problem

Introduce a clean, easy way for parents and teachers to connect and exchange information.

My Role & The Team

Lead designer working with 1 designer, 1 PM and 10 engineers.

Background & Context

Edmodo was the largest K-12 platform. Since the company was founded in 2008 till 2014 there wasn't much of a parent tool. Instead teachers had to engage with student's parents offline or via other apps like remind.

In 2014 we wanted to make a platform for parents to see how their kids were doing and a place for them to connect with teachers in order to improve their kids studies.

Tracking student progress

The main section of the app is where parents can see their child's homework, events, and activities. From here they can see if things are late, coming up, as well as how the student did.

Creating a single place to stay on top of things

A core piece of the new parents app was a feed to see teacher posts to the larger class.

In this section of the app we reused alot of the core capabilities from the main app. Such as ability to comment, reply, like, and see profiles.

Providing a single place to manage things

We also released a placed where parents can easily manage all student information as well as their own.


- Released a new platform for parents to stay on top of things and engage
- Increased parent adoption and MAU30%

Other work