Evernote Themeing


Evernote is a productivity company focused on providing people with a "second brain" where they can store and access notes and artifacts.

The Project

In early 2018 when iOS announced themeing support, the mobile team set out to get theming on iOS and Android out to customers. This was one of the most highly requested features at Evernote.

The Problem

Make Evernote more accessible and easier to use.

My Role & The Team

Lead designer alongside 1 PM, and 5 engineers from Feb 2018 to April 2018


Themeing has always been one of the most highly requested features at Evernote. Ever since theming became a thing on desktop in the 2000s.

Previously on mobile Android and iOS had very distinctive styles. This was for a various reasons but one of the biggest was that they were designed by separate teams with separate interests. It wasn't till 2018 when the mobile teams came together under one unified team that things started becoming more aligned between the platforms.




We first established a entry point via the user setting screen that allowed them to control what theme would be active.

For this entry point we tried as much as possible to stick to native OS patterns.

Accomplishments & Learnings

Goals achieved

- Launched themeing across iOS and Android
- Established a structured color system on mobile
- Addressed the most requested feature at Evernote
- Acomplished all this work across 2 mobile teams containing 15 engineers in less then 3 months.

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